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JYJ Fan Meeting held to confirm that Thailand and Malaysia

Although still subject to litigation by SM Entertainment. That has not already closed the matter by Jaejoong (Jae Joong), girlfriend (Yoochun) and singers (Junsu) has about the other agent.

As you know already that the new agency, the Korean CJeS Entertainment. Being investigated is that associated with crime. Although the case has not even completed.

However, good news for fans. South East Asia. There certainly seems to confirm that they are both third person to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, and Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia to meet with fans. Their next month.

Fan Meeting in Bangkok to promote the new album. And will be held on October 15 at New Gym Children Min. Malaysia and the fan activities Meeting on October 16 at Mid Valley Convention Centre.

Of course, by the fans. Would be encouraged to attend to show their love and encouragement for them. Which is very necessary. For them at this time.

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One of the singer with girl group dance kimchi .. Who is the most popular in the land of sushi.

Web site services to the Social Network at the Japanese site. mixi conducted research on the issue whether the singer with girl groups in Korean which has the most fans in Japan Although only be assessed by a Web site only. Mixi site but it is one of the sites offered by the Social Network that has been most popular among Japanese teenagers

On Sept. 24 last the report came out that the mixi pairs Hara (Goo Hara) of the KARA band of fans the most. 6,500 people by the number of fans for her appearance characteristics similar to artists like Na Mie, Japan aims R. Nakano (AmuroNamie).

Second, including deer, small Yoona (Yoona) of SNSD by the number of fans 5,500 Yoona has been selected as one of the band members Nyeo Shi Dae are people who like most of the survey number. Population in Japan recently.

Third were. Nicole (Nicole) from KARA fourth-place is Tae Yeon (Taeyeon) of SNSD fifth is Kang Ji Young (Kang Ji Young) from KARA and a singer girl group others who were fans. Club more than 1000 people.

For the survey a group of fans SNSD total of 24,700 persons to 23,800 persons by KARA that both the band stuck in the top 5 with the same girl group from Japan.

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Girl Group 2NE1 send title song and three songs from the first full album on the chart's second-largest music Mnet fourth week of September, the two charts The title song and three songs 'Can't Nobody', 'Go Away' and 'Clap Your Hands' is the ranked # 1, 2 and 3 on the singles charts, respectively, from Mnet 13 - 19 September

For the album charts 2NE1 can submit the first full album 'To Anyone' was ranked # 1 for the second consecutive successfully While the drama OST. 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' channel KBS falls in the top 2 in the charts at number 3 becomes the seventh album of DJ DOC to return to the top 3 in the attached table album charts again.

2NE1 the band girl group known as the Band girl group that's Popular in the country. Because they're able to build momentum in the fashion and other To be the hottest hits like a lot 2NE1 debut in the music industry last year by appearing in ads with mobile phone LG Big Bang.

The four girls Return to the new album 'To Anyone' album, which since its launch on
9 September They can send you a new song in the chart's second-largest online and offline music many many and most recently she held the show in their case up with the launch of three music videos and music in 4D.

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Tiffany of SNSD launched a solo music force a single 'Ring' in the drama Haru flock to foreign interests.

Tiffany (Tiffany) SNSD opening of the song solo single 'Ring (반지)'

On September 24 in the clip drama 'Haru' recently launched. A scene of Yunho (U-Know Yunho) ran quickly to the shopping mall to find the ring with Kim Bum (Kim Bum) and E Da Hae (Lee Da Hae)In such a scene of music 'Ring' at Tiffany's is singing into the theater business. Create a lot of attention'Ring' is a song that contains the touching by the loved ones. With the clear sound quality of Tiffany's unique, it could help a feeling of love in the holy well.

Fans can watch the video clip. The very different response that hot. 'I open the full version soon chan' voice of Tiffany's best real 'Moreover, as soon as it launches the video clip. Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong and many other Asian countries also upload music video 'Ring' More quickly on the website YouTube. Reveal interests of a single solo song Tiffany has a clear

Furthermore 'Haru' story as a movie filmed in a special theme day match of the year here in Korea. By the actor famous goosestep exhibit heavilySuch as Yunho (U-Know Yunho) Kim Bum (Kim Bum) Big Bang (Big Bang) Han Chae Young (Han Chae Young) Pat c Chee Hoo (Park Shi Hoo) E Da Hae (Lee. Da Hae) etc. The OST. In addition to music solo and Tiffany. It also has songs of Super Junior, SHINee and other artists with Attention to a very netizens.

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Watch the full show Wonder Girls-2PM-2AM-MBLAQ-4Minute "M Net Mate Ultimate Life Thailand TED presentation.

Opportunity to see a combination of Korean artists in our home may not be difficult. But if talking about the celebration of the Festival Concert 5 Korean premier on the same stage Brought together to get the full show to see a extremely Not just the band perform two songs each song and then go home then. Not often easy to see exactly !!!!! And this at a giant "M Net Mate Ultimate Life Thailand Presentation By Ted Hanami" (Mnet ULTIMATE LIVE THAILAND Presented by Hanami)Korean won has fans crowded in our house like Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ and 4Minute gather on one stage in the first Festival concert in Thailand, where everyone is Full of 4 hours
Korean devotees should not miss the final. This guarantee great and perfect team work M. Net TV Korea with MCOT Plc and I - Works Entertainment Group Big Media Group (BIG MEDIA GROUP)Which received official support from product Hanami prawn crackers prepared Clubcommission on Saturday, October 9, 2553 Today at 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. pm at Impact Challenger 2, Muang Thong Thani

Five wonderful young Wonder Girl a (Wonder Girls), we did not see you guys meet each other a long time. After soaring to take music Nobody top. The Billboard charts successfully. Is the first Korean band that can create a penetration in the U.S. market until the famous Go wrong, but to prosper. The size is a big tour around the United States than ever 20. We will see Thai people show their full hours of each course you think things are missing in the concerts of this festivalLike Two P M (2PM) on growth and development emerges as music and image. They achieved great popularity in Korea and the United States in our home 2PM is the latest of six young talent Korea has sold the most albums in Thailand And this time they will move to show the full Korean and Taiwan, which sees itself well to the eye and aura of power on the elegant stage The singing and dancing continued strength. That they are spelled Thai fans throughout a full hour before the fans will be leaving. Our temporary home for the debut of music in Japan later this year.

Two bands with older AMD (2AM) ballad four young stars of the Korean music industry also has some outstanding individual at a different genre The broadcast voice combines with the powerful sway in the mood for a high Whether listening to CD or live. They do not have fans. I'm disappointed onceAlso enhance the strength of a team leader Jo Kwon Wunderkind 'Cool Member Post User quantum', which became known overnight from a variety show lyrics 'We Got Married' Another fascinating artist who is really a hot overtake arch M. Black (MBLAQ) Child Pottery Rain (Rain) is a producer sitting platform itself Arista J. Tune Entertainment As soon as it becomes available images of all five of their name the word 'MBLAQ' was ranked first in flight, charted a search portal site has very universal. It also has been selected by the magazine 'allure Korea' as one of the artists are the most watched in 2553 as well Each end of the five girls Top Four mini (4Minute) girl group sexy famous avant Lisa Trusted disciples in Thailand, Korea, with many hits And previously visited Thailand just as the show case on Dirk's tempting to want to see the software displays a full concert of their hearts in the celebration of this festival is great.

Project Giant Korean Music Festival concert at the first time in Thailand Which will be held Saturday, October 9, 53 this A special bonus in the morning from a "Hanami" activities Hanami Love Fan Meeting Episode Two P M Hanami customers will find 2PM In the form of interviews and have fun playing games with the 2PM to track information, rules and regulations can enjoy the activities on. http://www.trendysnack.com.

Part time evening from 18:00 to 22:00 pm Total time 4 hours is the time of the concert, especiallyThe fans who bought tickets already will see a show full of all the artists are 2PM, Wonder Girls, 2AM, MBLAQ and pamper 4Minute Festival concert on stage "M Net Mate Ultimate Life Thailand Presentation By Ted Hanami" (Mnet ULTIMATE LIVE THAILAND Presented by Hanami) at Impact Challenger 2, Muang Thong Thani.

The fans do not want to miss a major concert festival "M Net Mate Ultimate Life Thailand Presentation By Ted Hanami"Tickets quickly by quick. Fury of the master counter. Forest Innovation Sir branch or call .02-833-5555 Tickets are 800 / 1500 / 2500 / 3500 and 4500 Baht

Worth more than worth the watch Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, MBLAQ, 4Minute full show on the same stageSaturday, October 9, 2553 Today at 6:00 p.m. to 22:00 pm at Impact Challenger 2, Muang Thong Thani, track details and news updates Concert Festival "M Net Mate Ultimate Life Thailand By TED presentation. Hanami, "more. http://www.iworks.co.th.


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The drama starring Haru Big Bang, U-Know Yunho, Kim Bum, Han Chae Young, Park Si Hoo and Lee Da H.

Band C.N.Blue Top platform of the Taiwan Optical Nam.

CNBlue band became the first Korean singer to top the band platform Nam Comment by 2 albums in Taiwan and at the same time.

Warner Music Taiwan in a mini album and their first mini album Bluetory 2 of their second album Blue Love and sold 10,000 sets Taiwanese considered if sold 10,000 sets to the top platform of Optical Nam.

Korean singer many bands such as band Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ), Super Junior, SS501 and Taiwan all have the album but the band is a band CNBlue first to the top platform of Optical Nam at the same time representatives of Warner Music Taiwan said. "Being the top platform of the second set of Optical Nam together never happened before.

CNBlue band can also charted various As the Taiwan G-Music and Five Music.


Band ZE: A stick chart Top Oricon pack 3.

They released nine songs that are all single Japanese called ZE: A on September 22 and the top third of the daily chart, O-ring pack. Singles of 5740, they issued a set which is considered an impressive debut for a new foreign artists.

Band ZE: A show felt like an honor for them at their me2Day "We have top of the charts three daily O-ring pack with our first album in Japan. Please share the pleasure with us. "


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(Bae Seul Gi) Open the song I Don't Know Why the Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Hyung Joon)

Last month that Kim Kyu Jong (Kim Kyu Jong) the band released MV SS501 Confession song to use as the Never Ending Love is part of the series, Superstar.

And the MV section to the story is the Black City recently released by the actress is Bae C Ki (Bae Seul Gi), along with Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Hyung Joon) from the band SS501 and Seon Ho. to (Son Ho Young) song name, which I Don't Know Why.

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TOP & Seung Ri Music launch a music video from Tele Cinema on 19.

2PM Come back in October. Prepared with the Japanese music market debut this December.

2PM joins Sony Music plans to launch Japanese music market

September 22, 2553, Japan's leading media like. K Eastern Import Sun Ha U Oregon revealed that "Idol Wildlife Korea 2PM" This is the news of the Japanese market launch of their first

In addition, the list 'Mezamashi TV' and 'Zoom In' as well as the main item in Japan led the concert video to be broadcast 2PM prepared testimony to open their markets as well.

2PM debut preparing the Japanese market with music giants Sony Music Entertainment.

For this reason, the on 24 November, 2PM preparation released DVD 'Hottest' (2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History) with a DVD disc is a music video all 2PM, clip history that has not been disclosed elsewhere. previous Picture books, including collections with special Nation.

Next, on December 8 will kick off their inaugural show case at the place of sports and martial famous Sumo 'RYOGOKU KOKUGIKAN' Tokyo in a '2 PM 1ST CONTACT IN JAPAN '.

2PM well prepared release album 1 '1: 59 PM 'on 8 December as well.

2PM debut since 2551, along with music '10 of 10 Points' followed by 'Again & Again', 'I Hate You', 'Heartbeat', 'Without U' as opposed to all the songs are of love. the fans are great.

JYP Entertainment said, "During six months 2PM activities in Korea. We have been watching the big music labels in Japan continue it offline, "he said.

Especially at 2PM was prepared working with Ariola and the Epic record label and label management, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment. For this reason, the 2PM is an artist affiliated with the artist Misia, BuckTick, ikimonogakari, Crystal Kay and Yuki.

2PM We are preparing for the new album will be released in October.