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Japanese singles "Take Off" of 2PM.

Japanese singles "Take Off" was the number one 2PM in the Japanese music charts USEN the first time that artists from Korea's second-largest one in the charts of this

Related News sources said that USEN provide music stores and coffee shops in Japan Therefore, a high ranking on the chart, this is considered very good.

Music is also top up. Send a Web site showing a Uta Net Mobile and starting on April 17 Take Off song appears in the end credits of cartoons (Blue Exorcist) and on release of ringtones.

JYP company said after 2PM success in show cases, fans, attended by over 25,000 people in December last. They continue to do activities in Japan with the display of the list "Mejamashi TV Super Live in Okinawa" in February. And displayed at the 12th Tokyo Girls Collection "in March. Expected to 2PM debut in Japan were up and we have been accepted very well by force Support this Thank you everyone for your love and support to many 2PM.

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'Mr. Taxi' new song from SNSD

A few days before this song 'Mr. Taxi' was released on the Internet. But with sound recordings from the radio again, we decided to wait for version. Precise than this latest song 'Mr. Taxi' has been released officially, and then ...

By Universal Music Japan has recently announced in early April that the girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae will return to Japan with the song 'Run Devil Run' a Japanese version and the new song 'Mr. Taxi' and also revealed to That girls are scheduled to tour in Japan wiring 7, since the city Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka to Fukuoka City, which as of now, they're in the process of preparing for the tour.

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New rock band from Korea, Aile.

Aile (엘) rock bands easy listening, clear from Korea has released music from their latest album, she came out and then

Aile subordinate its Hey'n Music launched in 2009 with the album "Aile The Special" includes members Hayn, Dr.Yun, GoEun, Juhun and last Irin you guys come back with new album "Motion" The music. Song 'Emotion' is directed by a member of the band and Hayn Dr.Yun.

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JYJ to organize a charity concert to assist victims in Japan.

According to news reports from the official website of JYJ stating that they will organize concerts for charity special at Saitama Arena on June 7 to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami at on March 11 last ...

JYJ is one of the first artists that came out of Japanese aid. After encouraging them to send a message to fans in Japan, has donated more than 600 million won to help the victims in the bar, Sendai and Fukushima again with And also supported the donation of funds to help the Japanese through the concert. World tour with them again.

"We do not know how to start well. But the victims in Japan and much to fear. Sorrow and adversity is not unexpected. Also among the victims they have with our fans make us even more sad JYJ still with you all. We would like to help you guys and hope to meet soon. "

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'Ima Okuritai, Arigatou' music video from the KARA.

Girl group KARA release music songs 'Ima Okuritai, Arigatou' watch out for each other and then ...

'Ima Okuritai, Arigatou' is a song from the single "Jet Coaster Love" which came out in Japan And was used as a closing theme song in the drama of KARA URAKARA drama in Japan.

Invited to watch the love of music in music KARA 'Ima Okuritai, Arigatou' end with music song 'Jet Coaster Love' dance version that was released earlier this

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Dal Shabet back to the music song 'Pink Rocket'

After the debut mini album "Supa Dupa Diva" has been a good reception from the fans. Last Dal Shabet girl group was back to the "Pink Rocket" mini-album, two of them her latest ...

E-TRIBE producer is the author of a famous author as well as compose music 'Pink Rocket' and song 'Shakalala' self BIGTONE and participation in the flesh singing 'Shakalala'.

Invited to watch music videos music 'Pink Rocket' with the launch of the video showing you guys the song list M! Countdown last week. And ended with the song 'Shakalala' music from the same album.

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Nichkhun to share the latest MV Wilber Pan!

Nichkhun from 2PM's trip to China to help at the latest MV Wilber Pan

Many people are surprise Square in the relationship between artists and K-Pop Singer Taiwan However, Chinese media reported that "These two people met at the concert And this is why I made did not help you get to New starred in the MV, they met the recommendation of the agency and music production company "

Nich you are not Korean, he first worked with Wilber Pan, which has worked with Lee Da Hye and Lee Hyori before this

News reports say that Wilber Pan working 60 hours straight without sleep to prepare for the show and the filming of MV Showcase where fans wait and see the works of two artists at this joint

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SM Big Concert 'SMTOWN Live in TOKYO' around Tokyo. It prepared the bomb, January 25-26.

Close to all time for a big concert of SM Entertainment. Make music that kindles Fever 'SMTOWN Live in TOKYO' Full Mac ever

At this time, the heart of Shibuya district of Tokyo is current 'SMTOWN Live in TOKYO' reign can not be helped. When the poster or flag the symbol of various music artists of SM Entertainment Like BoA, Kang Ta, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee to f (x) around the streets full of Shibuya district. Just

As well as billboard giant regular district Shibuya will have pictures of Dong Bang Shin Ki on the album New 'Why (Keep Your Head Down)', as well as music videos in the big screen is promoting the return of the two. Young superstar who's this Not only on public transportation, train ride around the city with posters of the artist is SM Entertainment. Is occupied as assiduously as well

Investment of the name of this music. Results are considered as well. When the posters, banners and more are getting attention from people all over Tokyo, I can say that

Concert 'SMTOWN Live in TOKYO' preparation of its explosion on January 25 and 26 at the National Yoyogi Stadium in Tokyo by the middle of 400,000 cards were sold out completely Reflects the success of 'SMTOWN Live' from Seoul, South Korea, City of Los Angeles, LA. United States, city, Shanghai, China wrote off before coming to Tokyo. Japan is the fourth station, sure enough

Source: My Daily.

Fans entitled 140 million won to help promote the new album JYJ

Fans of these artists, K-pop famous JYJ demonstrates the power. And unity again. Solicit project funding plan by promoting a new album of three young money collected more than 100 million won ever

KBS Global report on the project from the Federation of genuine fans and three young artists, Dan Kimchi JYJ that it only takes less than a week. To raise funds to support the new public relations work of the artist. In the heart of more than 140 million won

The program began on Jan. 14 last ago. The goal is to buy advertising support of a new batch of music three young JYJ Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu The only project on January 18 that it can raise funds up to 100 million won, but because they want the fans abroad have participated in such projects It is extended to 20 days at the end of January and the number of collected donations of this. Went down at the end of 140 million won

Fans not only to initiate projects that will put TV stations broadcast. Internet. To promote the work of later JYJ with three young members of this group Dong Bang Shin Ki separate work on your own. And legal problems with SM Entertainment Entertainment company's giant land of kimchi. Former affiliation. As a result of promotional work in the home is very scratchy. These fans are solving these problems. By way of public relations initiatives, particularly the JYJ

For Their Rooms, Our Story JYJ new series of works have received attention from the fans in Korea as many Although not yet officially released. But now it has booked orders for up to 150,000 pages, and then the album is scheduled for release on January 28 that up to this

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Sulli (f) x MC routine items SBS 'Ingigayo'.

Sulli (f) x MC routine items SBS 'Ingigayo' gave her confusion. When making an error when going live TV

On 23 ago, at delivery are the live broadcast SBS 'Ingigayo' Seungri (Bigbang) and Dong Bang Shin Ki will be a next step to the stage where the artists will close the stage where these MC. has created a crash on stage

The order of the stage starting at Secret, MBLAQ Park Jong Min and continue with the band SS501 will then be a band Bigbang Seungri to the stage next step. Close to the stage with Dong Bang Shin Ki But as soon as the end of show on the stage of Park Jung Min Sulli spoke up that "I want to see a show of Tong Bang Shin Ki, eh darling, "a talk show of cross-references to Seungri

Yonghwa Jokwon and seemingly confused the words of Sulli. Because earlier they had recommended the show's single Seungri then by the failure of Sulli can not opine that it was smooth. It reveals the confusion of her stance clear

After the announcement that (TVXQ) to grab the number one Jokwon Yonghwa and Sulli has apologized to the audience of her mistake. "When the moment is that there was an error. I'm sorry "

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