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Taecyeon (2PM) dating Jessica (SNSD)

Theater employees unfolding Taecyeon (2PM) dating Jessica (SNSD) found after the two movies together on a regular basis

After the case of the pair. SHINee-Chong Hyun Shin Se kyung and red up to Netizens turn their attention towards the topic of Netizens, one very much. After the person concerned to write down my own block from the earliest that any two of these smells wrong

he netizens of this person confirmed that he worked at the theater Coex Megabox and mention from earlier this year that the members of SHINee to see movies with Shin Se kyung is often, but when that time everyone does not care about anything. and the more that it was only a rumor instead

Until October 27 after the disclosure by the media and confirmed by affiliation and two parties to netizens to the Ng and back like a block of netizens who is a student but work part time at the theater, Samsung Dong n fact, the blog owner to post about SHINee-Chong Hyun and Shin Yong sector since October 14, then

However, not only double the owners blog mention on the name of Jessica and Taecyeon emerge dominant as the head post with the meaning that I work at Coex Megabox by and read c Taecyeon with Jessica. to see a movie on a regular basis at all ... Is probably dating

What makes this blog more credibility in the blink of an eye. Topics include subtitles in the talks. Jonghyun - Shin Se kyung. I think they are dating is thus..
During the work here. I met many celebrities who it is that ..

The original name of the girl and Jessica are becoming rumors, including the top search engine with many.

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Park Soo Jin revealed an extremely close relationship with Yunho of TVXQ

Actress Park Soo Jin and U-Know Yunho of TVXQ revealed strong relationships in the past couple photo Twitter The photo that has received much attention from netizens in the Community Forum. As a result, Park Soo Jin came out to share her feelings toward the relationship of maturity with U-Know Yunho

I never thought I'm in I see with Yunho get this much attention Up to now, I knew him for more than 10 in the morning, when I debuted the first in the band 'Sugar' He is a Rapper's Dana whatsoever We've been waiting to use the room for a show together Then gradually close in TVXQ fans know the relationship between us is very good

In addition, Park Soo Jin and U-Know Yunho also worked together in a music video 'Goodbye My Love' in April last. This is the debut song of J. Rich as well

She stated that "All the people around me are brought together Yunho I said very handsome. But I knew him since I was young. I had never thought about them all in.. Our personality is quite similar with He was like my brother in.. I am very relaxed enough time with him in.. I can see him go out without having to face it in "

Park Soo Jin was acting host in cable television channels Olive's 'Tasty Road' after being very popular in the drama, SBS 'My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox'

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Girl's Day transforms a young rock Broker. In the New MV 'Nothing lasts forever'

Girl's Day revealing costumes and hairstyles in music from a single set 2

On October 27 last DreamTea Entertainment. Has launched a teaser 2 of the girl day Girlgroup In this teaser you guys come with black leather dress on the perfect proportions of the body. They also come with her long hair and Mad among dance filled with a dynamic

Latest music video 'Nothing lasts forever' full version was released already via the website Youtube


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Breaking News 5 young Big Bang is about to come back soon

Big Bang devotees are looking forward to the day when they will return all five of the Korean market again and now the wait is long. Are ended

Recent Big Bang's leader G-Dragon have to appear in the list tvN E News while filming for the G-Market, where he was told to feel like the return of all five of them When he was asked. When the Big Bang to release another album out that G-Dragon has said, "We have not seen for a long time and fans will feel about two years And now their new album, we made more than 80%, and offline, which I think may be released to listen to each other in mid-page at offline. I patiently wait for me Everyone "

Will also be welcome news for the devotees is very Big Bang. We've got just a few weeks they will be returned. I know too that their music will come out in any form. Patiently wait another moment I just everyone.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) made a historic achievement in the Oricon Weekly Chart

So Nyeo Shi Dae create a new history for the previous O-Rigone charts to be completed. With a girl group the first foreign band up, and Top 3 since 1980, and recent single to be released latest song "Gee" Japanese version Rather, it is very successful. By charted second in the chart, the biggest music market in Japan. While the music launch of the first song "Genie" is ranked fourth

Web site O-Rigone posting that "SNSD is the Asian girl group the first band that can deliver music in the Top 3 was installed

Song "Gee" is also the number one on iTunes Japan Musico and music sites, including sites like Mobile Recochoku And their music, she also was number one in several charts as well

And do not forget tomorrow 27 October to release the single, Korea, the latest "Hoot" and the opening show on Oct. 29 in the list Music Bank station KBS

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ong Hyun Shin and Se Kyung started dating each other

News reports say that. Newly occurred in the industry, Shin Se kyung and Jong Hyun from the band SHINee exposed

After that the two different interests, they began their relationship came about one month now. And confirmed through the Sports Seoul by the second try to spend time together as much as possible Because of the very tight schedule and the second dated row on the road out of the apartment, Shin Se kyung

The two are dating scene is out in the open on October 20, Shin Se kyung after returning home. After the press conference of her movie Acoustic The Jong hyun waiting area, her neighborhood and the two walked together on the road while listening to music. Jonghyun has wrapped her little

Polls representatives of the two said they could not spend together. Because they both so busy. They communicate via text phone Or just call to talk. Regular and sometimes talk a walk in the neighborhood at dawn's house and two people

Jong hyun often said that his ideal woman is as Shin Se Kyung Shin Se kyung themselves as a group, select band SHINee idol her favorite. They are officially dating for about 1 month ago Where they first met at the concert that the two go together in May. And at first began a relationship from friends before

Another agency involved said. "The meet has become like a chance to rest for them. They have hobbies and ideas that are similar to the two close quickly And the two became an artist from a young age are And there are several things that can not describe out through word and a thing itself to become a strength for one another "

The agency that oversees about couple confirmed their relationship through the Sports Seoul on October 26 that

Agency, Shin Se kyung Namoo Actors said, after about a month ago they started dating each other. They have good feelings for each other and now you are in the range of each other in learning "

Of the agency's Jonghyun SM Entertainment. That it carefully. "We heard about from other people knew each other through. Relationship just a new start "

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Park Bom 2NE1 revealing picture of the co-feature on new album Engineering the Big Bang

Park Bom list Mnet '2 NE1 TV 'Season 2 is airing of G-Dragon (G-Dragon) Big Bang that is the concentration in the room, recording new albums by the development of new union 2NE1 Is acting to feature a singing piece Engineering '집에 가지마 베이베 (Chi Chi the baby bed Car / Do not go home I love it)' repeatedly over a hundred to find the best sound

G-Dragon on the outside looking at her recording studio with appreciation the assessment that "If I sound development of the new union input into the music. Every song is good up straight away Sounds really good, "added," If you do not to cry. Our album was released, it would certainly not, "he said

In the list today. Will take them to the title of the album recording 2NE1 places such as the famous London clock tower Big Ben. King Palace, Buck, etc. Ham broadcast on October 26 at 18.00 am (local time).

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Sandara Park of the central announce 2NE1 list I have a girlfriend younger than

Items in SBS 'Strong Heart' (MC Kang Ho Dong , Re Sung Ki) Sandara Park Pat on a guest list that confession. "I'm very lonely in.. I am not dating anyone, because of the injunction to the President Hyun Suk, "Extra" Now I want a girlfriend much Yes "

She continued, "formerly the President not to ban dating someone 5 years old, but I rather to develop old and new dating. You reduce it to only 3 years old I like guys who appear to love, but strong If older than Shawn Dung. My younger brother is a little bit more, I think, "This is why she told further that "I used to ask for help from the SOS Seven co-class. Told to select juniors come to me by someone, and then connect with "

In particular,Sandara Park Development also announced to leave those guys singer junior middle that list. "Young guys all the singers. Hurry, I connect to it. Seven and a moment I'll treat rice to "send a whole room laugh

In the list today with guests such as Sandara Park Pat and develop union of 2NE1, Wooyoung and Khun of 2PM, Psy, Yoon Son Ha, check-in of the Brown Eyed Girls, Zhang is in L, Yu. , which Sun, Kim Kyung cord of VOS, Hong Wang c heat of the place ZE: A etc.

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2PM's award winning music programs celebrating with the fans

On October 21 the list of the KBS Music Bank, and on October 24 that the list of SBS Inkigayo on 2PM's win playlist Back to work for their music I'll Be Back at the Top charts. After they returned only a week

The event, signing autographs for fans for 30 minutes beginning at 18:00 am on Oct. 24 for the lucky 500 fans who can participate in this event and the fans all have a great time. To find a band 2PM

2PM members are signed together with the intention for this album. And shake hands with fans. Of them as well. This activity are celebrating their victory in the playlist. And thanks to fans. Their support them

2PM members finish the event, signing autographs for fans. With thanks and joy to their fans. To support them

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Eun Jung Taecyeon and starred in the drama Dream High.

New Dream High drama of KBS2 station that there were rumors that the main actor is the band Taecyeon 2PM and Eun Jung from the band T-ara

Drama Cinderella's Sister Taecyeon has shown the ability to show and much acclaim. Eun reserve is acclaimed drama from the Coffee House as well

Drama Dream High has won a reputation as the most that the cooperation between Bae Yong Joon and Park Jin Young is expected to either Produce Alliance, plans and shown with the trendy new stars in the show to be there. The dancing and singing

Dream High drama this is a story of success and failure for a singer on the path they choose to fame The theme of the play itself has been of great interest in the entertainment industry that is a great collaboration and competition for the actor has started

Dream High Representative of the drama to confirm that the possibility is high that Actor is taecyeon Woo Young and 2PM, but the band went on to say that another agent. However, the contract has not been done

The other main actors in the productions that is, with all five main actors in this drama. That seems to be an idol singer of the band all the groups

Then there are rumors that the provisions of the TAC and Beyond Wooyoung this is just to get attention from the public more and more

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Lyrics of the songs reveal the band in 'Mistake' was composed by So Nyeo Shi Dae - Yuri. The five songs before laying information

Sir Curtis Price, the same end ever. After the disclosure that the regular song lyrics 'Mistake' in one of five mini-songs - the album that 3 'Hoot' is actually written by So Nyeo Shi Dae - Yuri sure enough

As days go anywhere back then. Open for D-Day on the mini - album 'Hoot' in which this album is Nyeo Shi Dae will show singing ability Including a song deeply included the songs and 5 in the mini - the album is a work of cooperation between Hong V. Case, G NU, Kenzie, Hwang Hyun which means there is a songwriter at top. Degongnegn

On October 25 the main title song 'Hoot' is released to the public through various music sites, in fact music 'Hoot' is a rhythmic cadence that fun retro style. Jam along with a guitar sound came Coupled with lyrics that are meaningful to young music fans to send this song out, it has a lovely charm of its own as well

Not all. The recent disclosure that the lyrics of the song 'Mistake' is actually been authored by a member or Yuri sure enough Send out the sad line of young women style R & B ballad that there is a high possibility that this song will get a lot of love ever

ong 'My Best Friend' is a lecture meeting for the first time in the winter of girls of Nyeo Shi Dae. With time spent together, love each other everything is being blended in this song. Demonstrates the friendship between them The song 'Wake Up' is a sad meaning to send to loved ones. Of course, this is another ballad, too. 5 songs are all included in the mini - album 'Hoot' this

So Nyeo Shi Dae will be important on the list C Bam KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' along with the song 'Hoot' on 29 October.

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Lee Min Ho hero pretty tight ambush puppet hard In the new series City Hunter

Now hero young Lee Min Ho is in the range of cultures indicate muscle, see the tight fit the firmware for the filming of Series new station SBS prepared to be aired early next year at about City Hunter

In this issue. Lee Min Ho, our role as a hero called Jin Kang, which is adapted from the manga City Hunter authored the famous cartoonist of the Japanese Tsu Ursa Ho Jo
Character vector for the hero of this young man. It was a lion and a tiger, and at the same time. That woman is a tiger and lion are sure enough gun. And time in front of an opponent, it must show a superior ability to come out to see Sarah A SaBa Ryo Or hero from the cartoon. A detective hired to work in Tokyo Japan

However, for implementing a series adaptation of kimchi flavor it. To events occurring in Seoul instead. And change it to Kang Jin former CIA officials that the diversion issue is a detective in the future. But for the Character of the sector will remain the same hero in the cartoon

After that he just will work with the latest series on MBC in Personal Taste to finish preparing for return to play on the latest series of e-ho this is His table is set to be a routine exercise. He started to have about a month ago

Hero of the manga. A healthy looking guy with muscles. And seems to be a scene to be shown on the robot in it People around you say that this Leee Min Ho even fit to play Magic Training hard to pre-stage in this series ever

By Lee Min Ho has never disclosed the period when the actor is the Personal Taste Work on the next to come out to get to watch it together. A scene where the body will have to show as much as this. And he promised fans that he will change the shape itself in this new series with

This task must be to keep track of that view. Our robot will ho vary much to watch each other

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(Kahi) After School preparing a solo album this November (Kahi) After School preparing a solo album.

Finally, Kahi After School Leader I have decided to do solo album of her own.

According to Pat Ka c heat will begin her solo album in November this But do not just panic. She remains in the same band After School, but similar to the band Big Bang She will leave her solo album and will remain the leader of the After School her and she'll be the first band that came out to do his own solo career

The event was the manager of the band After School has announced that out. "We are deciding whether to develop activities promoting c Kahi solo mini-album or a single good

For news on the progress of her solo album. We will inform you on the occasion of the next

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Bad girl (Jeon Ji Hyun) is preparing to play a new movie

Actress Jeon Ji Hyun is considered in the new role in the film's talented director
E Jae Yong

The J & Co. Entertainment. Her affiliation was interviewed via telephone with the Sports Today "Jeon Ji Hyun is now currently under discussion in the new role in the film about 'Falling in Love'" and also said that Are more likely to agree to the actress to play this movie. But this certainly is not confirmed

Falling in Love for the film is the story of a woman married to one who falls in love with the club manager. Although she knew that he'd approached her because she hopes money from the matter But man, it gradually developed a love and a real feeling to her little by little

For the outstanding work of the director, such as e-Jae Yong Untold Scandal in 2003, starring Han Nrn U Star Bang Yong Joon, The Actresses in 2009

Jeon Ji Hyun or the name in English, Gianna Jun, she is known and celebrated a landslide from the movie My Sassy Girl And the movie, she shows all must be the word. 'Bad girl' is always. After seeing it will know immediately that she is a movie showing. She became known in the international. From the movie action last year Matter : Blood: The Last Vampire and the latest upcoming Release in 2011 on Snow Flower and the Secret Fan with famous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi

Jeon Ji Hyun for you just decide to separate from Sidus HQ is concerned that the old veteran, 14 years old and the new company to build its own behalf J & Co. Entertainment. In mid-October last

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