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Why did T-ara’s “Skyground Starground” flop on the charts?

T-ara recently made a return to the spotlight with their track “Skyground Starground“, and it’s fallen to embarrassing positions on the music charts.

“Skyground Starground” is a remake song of Bibi’s 1996 hit track and was reinvented in celebration of composer Lee Kyeong Seob’s 20th debut anniversary.

Idol groups are usually able to get in the top 3, and almost always in the top 10, due to the strength of their fanbases. T-ara’s inability to get in the top 20, therefore, is a rare occurrence in the music industry. The track wasn’t able to rank in Melon’s top 20 chart, and has even dropped to the bottom 40 on real time charts.

T-ara’s slump can be explained through a plethora of reasons, but many industry representatives are speculating that the main cause lies behind their lack of preparation, as they were so busy focusing on other things besides their singing careers.

The girls spent a busy summer promoting the movie, “Death Bell 2“. Although only one member was casted in the film, the entire group attended many stage presentations and performances. The company was able to earn a considerable profit off of their appearances, but at the cost of the girls’ reputation as singers.

With girl groups vying aggressively against each other for the top, T-ara fans are wringing their hands nervously at such results. T-ara’s unfortunate ranking acts as a warning to other idol groups on the dangers of investing their time on everything but singing.

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HAM releases “So Sexy” MV

If you’re a fan of semi-meaty booty shaking, then HAM’s (Heart & Mind) got you covered with their “So Sexy” MV.

I have to admit their new cow girl concept is pretty hot – now let’s see if they can ride a new wave of popularity this time around.

On a side note, HAM recently lost their 4th member, Miyu. But their agency has stated that they have already recruited a new 4th member, who is currently training and will debuted with the group, most likely after this 3-member album and round of promotions.

Check out the mv below:

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Secret will have final “Madonna” promotions this week

Secret will wrap up their “Madonna” performances on this week’s music programs, with their final goodbye stage on SBS‘ “Inkigayo“.

Concluding their second mini-album promotions, the girls will still be continuing their solo activities while preparing tracks for their next album.

“Madonna” could definitely be considered as Secret’s most successful track yet.

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SME, DSP Media, and GP Basic called for inspection on under-aged, sexually suggestive content

One celebrity trainee, Kim (14), is currently rehearsing a hip dance to show off at an agency’s second round of auditions next week. Having passed the first round already, Kim commented, “Out of the three participants, one was an elementary school student. There were so many young kids showing off variations of a sexy dance, I felt nervous.” Although she was only 14 years old, Kim felt that she was already too old in the competition against her peers.

With the average ages of girl groups getting lower and the level of sexually suggestive material rising, the National Assembly has decided to step in to handle the situation themselves.

Three representatives of famous celebrity agencies will be attending the inspection of the administration, conducted by the National Assembly on October 4th by the request of the Committee on Culture, Sports, Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications.

The representatives are SM Entertainment’s Kim Young Min (Sulli, 16), DSP Media’s Lee Ho Yeon (Kang Ji Young, 16), and GP Basic’s Park Kiho (Janey, 12).

Congressman An Young Hwan stated, “We will be pointing out the legal and moral issues of these companies for putting young girls in exposing outfits and making them perform sexually suggestive lyrics and choreography. We will also be discussing whether these minors have their rights properly protected as laborers.”

GP Basic is a six member girl group with an average age of 14. The group consists of members in elementary and junior high school and sings suggestive lyrics in accordance with the “sexy concept,” sweeping the Korean music industry.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission raised the ratings for music programs from 12+ to 15+, allowing only audience members born before 1996 to participate in the show. The problem lies in the fact that there is no age restriction set for the actual singers themselves. On a program rated for 15 years old, 12 to 14 year old girls appear in sexually suggestive clothing and dances.

Kim Ki Hwan of the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family stated, “The programs are geared towards the public so the actual participants of the show are not properly protected.”

Another reason is the competiveness among trainees in training schools.

One trainee who goes by the name of Park Hee Jin (14) had joined a training school, with her good vocals as the foundation to realize her dream to become a singer. But she has started to pick up dancing now. She said, “There are a lot of sexy dance moves on tv now. If we show that (dancing) side during auditions, it will make them feel like we are really talented.” In addition, some trainees have parents accompanying them during their training to show their support.

The three agencies in question have all stated that they have never forced their girl groups to perform sexy dances and songs.

GP Basic’s CEO Park Sang Hyun stated, “I admit that there is a problem with the amount of sexually suggestive material in the Korean music industry but it’s not like we can make them sing children’s songs just because they’re young girls.”

The director of DSP Media, Yoon Heung Kwan, stated, “I never imagined the ages of the members to be a problem. I would’ve liked for them to alert the company ahead of time if there was a legal problem.”

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Sandara Park hurt by Yoo Hee Yeol’s comment about her good looks?

On an appearance today by 2NE1 on music interview program, “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook,” Sandara Park sparked interest in the crowd, as she mentioned that one of Yoo Hee Yeol’s previous comments had somewhat upset her.

Yoo Hee Yeol asked the group, “It seems that you all would be distressed at times while working as entertainers. What was the most hurtful comment said to you in your opinion?”

Sandara Park caused laughter in the studio as she answered, “Last time we came on Sketchbook, you described Bom as the vocal, CL as the rapper, Minzy as the dancer, and then me as the image. After the recording was finished, I went up on the roof to look at the sky. I asked myself, ‘What am I?’”

Though Yoo Hee Yeol’s statement was definitely a compliment, fans of Sandara probably think of her as much more than simply the face of the group.

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After School’s Jooyeon reveals her thoughts about acting

Recently we reported that After School’s Jooyeon will be making her acting debut through the upcoming KBS drama ‘Smile, Donghae.’ Jooyeon recently revealed her thoughts about her acting debut at the press conference for the drama.

The press conference took place on September 30th at the Grand Ambassador Hotel in Seoul Jangchoongdong. Jooyeon will take on the role of Saeyoung, which will be the younger sister of Saewa (played by Park Jung Ah). Saeyoung is a dancing major at a university, and has a knack for getting into trouble. She unexpectedly becomes pregnant with Taehoon’s (played by Alex) children, giving birth to twins.

Jooyeon revealed, “I received acting advice from UEE… Because she participated in both dramas and film, I rarely see her. UEE told me, ‘It’s hard, but I know unni can do it.’ She has also given me a lot of strength by her encouraging words and advice. Even though it’s nerve-wrecking to act for the first time, it’s also very fun and enjoyable. It’s good that I can tackle acting while taking a break from my singing activities.”

The general story is about Donghae (played by Ji Chang Wook), who was adopted by a couple overseas after being born to a single mother. The drama shows the process of Donghae finding new love and family, as well as the struggles he has to endure.

PD Kim Myung Wook and scriptwriter Moon Eun Ah, who have worked together before in ‘You’re My Destiny’, will pair up again for this drama, capturing the attention of many viewers.

‘Smile, Donghae’ will debut October 4th.

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Shoujo Jidai’s (SNSD) ‘Gee’ album cover revealed (UPDATE: MV Teaser!)

Last week it was confirmed after much speculation that Shoujo Jida (SNSD) would release their 2nd Japanese single, ‘Gee’, on October 20th. The track was actually leaked on Youtube via radio recording and now the album cover has been revealed.

1. A Regular Edition costing around 1100¥ (around $13) which includes the CD with 3 tracks: 1. Gee (日本語 Ver./Japanese Ver.), 2. Gee (韓国語 Ver./Korean Ver.) and 3. Gee (Without Main Vocal).

2. A Limited Edition (limited time offer) costing around 1100¥ (around $13) which will also include a bonus DVD PV of GEE.

3. A First Press Edition costing around 1800¥ (around $21) which will also include the DVD PV of GEE but also with a bonus PV of GEE Dance Version. In addition, the First Press Edition will include a Photo Book and one random photo card (out of a possible 9). It will also be contained in a “special package”.

Bonus Yuri image backstage on the set of the music video for ‘Gee’. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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Park Bo Young is returning after two years

After capturing the nation’s heart with her role in the hit movie, “Speedy Scandal“, back in 2008, Park Bo Young disappeared from the entertainment industry.

Two years later, she is coming back with a brand new project, titled, “She is Looking at Me“, where she plays the female lead.

She received a lot of love calls after her role in “Speedy Scandal”, but she had a problem with her agency, and had to take a break for two years.

In her new project, she plays Ahsung, a woman with a personality disorder. The movie is a love story between Ahsung and Jiho, a guy who is bad at expressing his emotions. The male lead has not been cast yet.

The movie will begin filming in October.

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Yoon Ha transforms a rock Broker sexy girl. Plans to launch digital single this October 7.

Yoon Ha Remove the old image transforms hair and gold

Photo album jacket and the recent launching of Yoon Ha with her black shorts. Tank top, white-haired, gold and bright red lipstick in a sexy touch Called the transformation of the image of the lovely young girl earlier as a young rock Broker mature

By Yoon Ha on Mad Rock Broker girl preparing to meet with fans via digital music singles on 7 October in affiliation also disclosed that she would change the image again to concerts being held in at 30 ~ October 31, sure enough

Concerned Yoon Ha said that "more than a year ago that she was with all the fans. She wants to try anything different from a new image. New music offline and "Extra" Yoon Ha was to reshape the rock Broker Works through digital single to be released on 7 includes performances of 30 ~ 31 October this offline, "he said

Furthermore, Yoon Ha launches digital singles via online music site. She will kick off the concert under the name 'Live Official 23-1 Time 2 Rock' AX Korea at Seoul on October 30 ~ 31.

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TAEYANG of the Big Bang, sent a solo album "SOLAR (International Release)" pampered Fans Enjoy songs.

TAEYANG (Tae Yang), a member of the Big Bang. Artists Hip-hop group known from Korea. We pampered fans in foreign countries by sending a solo album, "SOLAR (International Release)" (Sola International release) Out to have occupied the same ownership. This album is a collection of new and old songs and a lot of over 10 songs in one album. With new song "I'll be there" แtamฟri! DVD music video, music and behind-7 shooting released Eulacamneg!

Another artist with a unique ability to both sing and dance for young TAEYANG of the Big Bang. A good work out to good music fans can listen to each other always. And most recently with a solo album "SOLAR (International Release)" Which is known as a good step of the Global Internet. It is before this album's songs he is famous TAEYANG hot hits and charted in the U.S. iTunes ago Until the required album "SOLAR (International Release)" is up Pampered to fans in other countries. The album is very special in that. Every song will be selected by fans in a foreign country as their favorite song. Whether it is songs like "Look only at me" "Wedding Dress" There is also a song "I need a girl"R & B music style because other. The leader of the Big Bang, a G - Dragonair to join Feet Pictures, LTD. Special music was to blame for this song also young artists join the camp. That is, young stars from San 2NE1 a girl band with the music Not just out of it. Because this album also add extra music tracks with a "I'll be there" in Korean and English versions. Lyrical style fast hip-hop, R & B believes that we must Toououtoouใh TAEYANG fans and indeed the Big Bang

There is also a DVD that includes music as background music and up to 7 shooting, and with Thai subtitles. Type that the fans are both listening TAEYANG see the full full out. Available OctoberAnd for downloading ringtones, caller ring and full of music fans can download TAEYANG just dial * 1233009 and press call.

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[Ga In] Brown Eyed Girls launch of the first solo album.

Among the fans love from the Mad Couple of small items from MBC 'We Got Married' latest check-in preparation Return back to catch Mike in Mad activity singers again

Dating back to 2552 years before a dance Chee Mok Kee Bang and makeup of the music. 'Abracadabra' to be a hot subject matter throughout Korea Last team of the same back together again to invent the first solo album in check. The fans will be able to feel the concept and new music from her on October 8 to reach this

Especially with the image teaser released to the touch of a woman Mad cool combination with the mood in the manipulation arrogant, it makes the fans, many predicted the concept works, solo album of her. What will come out as well as universal.

With songs and music of the check-in was on Oct. 8, 2553 at midnight and noon. The CD will be released October 12, 2553.

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K-Pop fans in Europe who want to JYJ performed there.

K-Pop fans in Europe are the masses Unfortunately, they rarely have a chance to see their favorite K-Pop artist closely and fans in Europe are trying to make this opportunity happen.

Yesterday at the JYJ or Jaejoong (Jae Joong), girlfriend (Yoochun) and singers (Junsu) announced on the official check on their album The Beginning They also announced on the tour will be shown in another 8 cities from 15 October to the end of November in both Asia and the United States. Then again, no city in Europe at all.

European fans fed up of being ignored. They therefore established a project called Let's Put Europe on the Map! They have sent many e-mail. And ask for cooperation from the fans to answer e-mail While they are working for the fans. How much the Europeans want to see their concert there.

If a sufficient number of people. Maybe the fans European fans will have more and more Yong.

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KARA to Open singles, Japan series 2 'Jumping' right to strike 'ARASHI, Ken Hirai, Perfume, Speed,.

KARA preparation released singles, Japan series 2 'Jumping' on 10 November for a single work new songs are under the control of the Korean people.

On November 10 KARA is a Korean release works with music artists top male idol hot in Japan such as ARASHI, Hirai Ken Yusuke as well as universal.

Especially on the KARA is a girl group, Korea will have to join the clash directly with the girl groups of the Japanese Berryz Kobo of Camp Hello! Project, girl groups that have been popular in Korean. SPEED, including the clash between KARA and again, Perfume, too.

If not, the artist group called AKB48 to release an album on that day, Cara will be hit directly with the girl group the Japanese say that I have Although Cara is faced with competition that day. But the team still expects them to be able to contact her TOP5 the charts and sold over a hundred pages are also set.

Back earlier in the singles first KARA you guys can grab the top 5 in the weekly charts, while the clutch Perfume ranked second with sales of more than 8 billion package However, after Cara was able to bring up the Perfume weekly charts as well "

Furthermore KARA has launched 'BEAST ALBUM' Korean language version on September 29, 2553 as well.

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JYJ released "The Beginning" a new album from the former member artist group TVXQ higher sales.

JYJ three singers from the band TVXQ They represent the artist. Highest sales in Asia. Co-producer team, front row, America's Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins Launched the first international music album "The Beginning" by the name of the album reflects the beginning of their journey with the first album in English.

JYJ a fan base from around the world. Which they have been mentioned in the Guinness Book Records in 2008 and 2009 from the "official fan club of the world's most" (World's Largest Official Fan Club) Just in Seoul. South Korea. The number of members to 800,000 fans and has been logged in as. "People have been known to shoot most of the world" (Most Photographed Celebrities in the World) Where they were shooting about 500 million times in magazines, album covers and advertising work with various members of the same. It represents the first launch in 2003 until May 19, 2009.

Music "Ayyy Girl" the first single of the album. The work of renowned producer Kanye West from the American side is that he has a special voice of myself in this song It also has worked with famous singer Malik "The Poet" Yusef The lyrics mention a woman leave find that Perfect Perfect. But when it was then. Many do not return as expected.

Besides the first single as a result of a producer Kanye West and the album "The Beginning" also include Crafts works from leading producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins in the song "Empty" and the song "Be My Girl"

Producer Rodney Jerkins said he was delighted to be working with JYJ in the works album, the English their first album. The work was considered to be a combination of East and West has truly Today, many different cultures and many have fused together, Kanye and that he was part of the integration of people in this world together through the language of music It also had the opportunity to open themselves to the talent from one hemisphere to the other side, America has the ability to recognize their Working on projects up to that time, this is something very special for us.

Apart from the fact that they work with the best of America's leading producer and JYJ from the past that have experienced just try to compose a song played during childhood Today, they each came to the same group of fully composed songs for the album with the works of Jaejung (Jaejoong) with the song "Still in Love" works Junsu (Xiah Junsu) to the music. " I Can Soar "and the employment of Yuchun (girlfriend) with the song" I Love You "

"Today we have been faced with many challenges. But we are very pleased to complete this album came out perfectly. Which they are proud of it three more albums "The Beginning" Was distilled leaving a drop of blood. Sweat and tears, their Hopefully the fans can feel the dedication to achieve superior performance of this pieceAs a co-traveling with them. I am very proud as they come up to this point "from the interview with Mr. Baek Chang Ju President and CEO of C-JeS Entertainment.

Album "The Beginning" contains 7 tracks and 3 remixes Jae Chong the leading producer in Asia to join the deposit performance and plays an important role in the management and maintenance works of these three also.
Can Download Music "Ayyy Girl" on i-Tunes from the date Oct. 19.

Album "The Beginning" is produced by Show Shop Entertainment and distributed worldwide by Warner Music released released in CD and digital on October 12 and will distribute special limited edition in the name `Luxury Package 'which are limited to 99,999. set

New Album Showcase Tour 2010.
JYJ will display the new album in eight major cities in Asia and the Americas. The show first opened in Bangkok on October 15 at the Impact Challenger, Muang Thong Thani, and his third tour in November For more information on tracking. http://www.jyj-thebeginning.com.

Information JYJ is a group of South Korean artists. Consists of members, three were Kim Jae Joong (Kim Jaejung) Park Yoochun (Park Yuchun), Kim Junsu (Kim Junsu) old, they are a member of boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki (Dongbangshinki) or In a TVXQ - "Tohoshinki"Founded in 2003 in Korea from the looks that stand out prominently. Combined with skills in dancing. And the sound of singing. Them to capture the Asian music industry quicklyThe first group of artists and a successful push to plug the second wave of popularity, Korea, the dart to enter Japan It is the first foreign artists performing in Oregon number one charge of Japan's nine songs in 2009They started out as a new artist JYJ next year in June 2010 JYJ is performed as a concert JYJ For the first time at Tokyo Dome in Japan. Which they have given the impression to the fans 200,000 people from 43 countries worldwide Today, tape recording the concert DVD sales as soon as the second of the DVD charts in Japan by selling up to 140,000 copies sold the first week of opening.


Seven Steps to the stars of the Korean

A label is a key factor in the expansion of the Korean entertainment industry. Because the camp will serve to produce artists out market. Which will come out over that. Have to go through the process of creativity as well

Three major camps in Korea as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. Into three camps giant that produces quality artists out over People to audition for many Because those who come audition for it. Sam knew that this camp has a very high percentage who will succeed And famous. Although the process of the artist. After screening the largest such camp. Whichever size is very serious. But everyone chooses to come sure enough. It is not every artist is successful.

Ways and means of production to market the artist's third largest camp with 7 steps, which are offline.

1. Audition

From the camp is looking for talented artists. Ready to step into the entertainment industry. The first will see the popular flow profile and think that West Jet will market to attack. The plan is not a place year by year But the marketing plan of the camp over a long period of five years after then will find the artists. To meet the Character sector that blank. The majority are children aged 12 years or more but less than 20 years Because if the children will be training for a range of development significantly. Moreover, if the boys for training in the elderly It will stick in the military. This allows discrete sure enough training.

2.The ability to remove the disadvantages

Find products that passed the audition arrives, it will be released. Because each artist has different capabilities. If you leave the show as a group. I will have to mean the ability of each person is equal. Or the closest If anyone is good at dancing to the development of voice Who sings the need to develop is good in terms of dance. It will be tested each week in terms of development. That if one fail, it will be caught eventually That the process takes at least 3-5 years, the artist must be in strict discipline, whether it is not the way fans do not run away. Do not drink alcohol. To influence the artists and sure enough the camp.

3. Remove any physical impairment

Some artists are very talented. But less so in terms of looks, unfortunately. The camp will be doctor of surgery to reduce the disadvantages will be added to the eyes, nose, belly fat, double leg to a taper Or whatever That this is a venture of the jurisdiction. The funding for these artists. Then came charging in after the album and making money, then sure enough The Korean artist that we see today are all over 99% of total surgical ago. There is very little not to do any surgery at all.

4. Music rehearsal show

After removing the artist through all the disadvantages. The camp will begin composing and thinking of showing up. For artists to sing. And dance training to perform. The music session is no more than 2 songs But the practice for years. To get used to the music and dance in unison in a natural way, and came out perfect The artists are told that this was a very tortured process. It will need to practice the same songs repeatedly, which is ever on training and a satisfactory standard of the camp then. To be made out to be a Music Video to the eyes of people sure enough.

5. Debut

After Music Video from the artists will be performing the opening. The issue pursuant to a concert But yeah, that was seeking artists completely. But it is Ciamlaong market that is on or not If you do not have to be a way to improve is the flaw. To meet the needs of the market, if not resolved to the satisfaction of the market or audience. I have to keep folding. Investment is considered failed There are many teams that successfully, and many teams to cancel Contribution in terms of promoting this The Open Group, various artists, whether male or female. The camp will be positioned in the regular presenter. This is very important. People at this position Is a famous artist is known already or looking to make a good point of interest. And to promote. The audience know in a band. To see it as an example for Ahn So Hee (Wonder Girls), Khun (2pm) or Yoona (Girl's Generation).

6. Released

Measured current response of the artist then. The best response. It is a testament to the camp that is on track. The camp will be issued Shingle looking forward to the artists for the show. And music were enough to be released as an album It will create the album sold. This album will have the look that's beautiful collection. Attract fans as well In the meantime, the artists will roam the TV variety show for various currents to promote the camp and to ourselves not to ever fall sure enough current offline.

7. Create a new group of alternative artists

However, the artists group, it would have run out on fatigue strength at a date and breakup trends are gone. The camp, which is why the new artists have invented it out ever The artists at the camp are already successful. It is easy to make a new group promote the artist. In addition to the show because the show already. The camp will be doing together. Between the old artists with new group of artists Prepared a list of items to promote the TV. To trends for the new artist. And the most popular artists to the old group. And pursue business opportunities with the music sure enough.

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2NE1 4 girls share a guy in the ideal

Items in SBS Power FM 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time' 2NE1 on a guest list today They open a man's ideal of their hearts each.

During the broadcast CL (CL) said that "Teddy (Teddy) is a young band 1TYM, the ideal I had set for the morning, When DJ Choi Hwa Book asked. "If this is your Teddy. It is easy for you to get closer to him I "CL said," We are close in.. But our relationship over great distances "

Da Camera of San Pat C (Sandara Park) won selected flights (Won Bin) is her ideal man. She said that "If there is an uncomfortable atmosphere between us. I will sign a signature in the CD for him and we went together to listen in. "The little sister Ji Min (Minzy) Select Pop Star Usher by Americans, she said "If he asked me to date. I will agree straight away in.. And I'm married to him, "she says, a laugh from everyone in the delivery room.

Finally, develop new union (Park Bom), select the ideal young man with that description. "I like guys that look similar to Jay-Z in. I like people who work very hard. This does not matter whether they have money or not. "

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'JYP' (JYPE) ... the gateway to the Asian music market.

'JYP' Korean music magnificently successful today. Their offensive game is filled with tact and planning. Is to aim. 'Gateway to Asia

JYP Entertainment (JYP Entertainment) is the fruit of their dreams and efforts, "Park Jin - Young" Wunderkind The Asian Soul pioneer and conduct K - Pop Fever to be recognized in the entertainment arena Asia and around the world.

He is both an artist. Producers and entrepreneurs. To the Asian entertainment industry has known and recognized internationally. The results of the effort is to produce a famous artist With Park Jin Yoon, Rain, the artist GOD, 2PM and Wonder Girls to the global market successfully. Business is worth more than $ 100 million.

Eric Doo "or Doo Hyun Soo, managing director of AQ Entertainment. Freshman affiliated JYP. Share experiences and decode the success of JYP. In seminars and lectures, special "Confucius Asian Thai SMEs goes far to suggest the world market," organized by the Office of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME National Awards) and the Kenan Institute Asia ago.

Many people look to their success. If the source business. Back filled with battle pieces, placed clear from the beginning through the four key aspects Casting & Training of selected artists and a training system that has been raised in the concentration, of course, good management Management of Production Systems have produced a good creative idea. And ended with the Marketing & Business Marketing and business planning as well and keep up with global trends.

While JYP is Korean music. But are not limited to artists in the country. The goal of music because this is the Asian markets and the global market

They are out looking. Young talent. Diverse talent. (Multi-talent) Different experience Language variety. Skills and good personality.

Therefore not surprising that Lim Wonder Girls members are people from Hong Kong, Wong Fei Jia and Miss A is a young Chinese as members 2PM Khun is Thai children.

The auditions held in several countries. Wiring with a concert of artists in the camps in Asia, including the U.S. and Canada. Opportunities for selecting a variety of national artists.

"We chose a Nichkhun he came from California, United States, he still looks good then I can not sing or dance very well. But he sees potential there is He was able to speak Thai, Thai and English best. Have the opportunity to meet a variety of Thai culture, New Zealand and America That he is Thai, we can reach the market in Thailand. Then he plans to work with 2PM as popular in Korea. Before the move to the next most popular in Asia "

When people are not the best selection. But if a person must have the potential through intensive training and diet personality sing dance show called "language must be good in everything.

With an evaluation on a monthly basis. And annual testing. By the public to watch. To jointly decided by the fans and JYP.

Because the artist does not happen overnight, but must be a step by step plan.

Min as one of Miss A member of the incubation process for over 7 years, he chose her from the age of 12 years and then sent to the Office of JYP in America Western culture and to teach English. To merge with the Korean culture of her Become a good ingredient to add flavor to Miss A today, while the other was sent to the office in Beijing. To learn Chinese language and culture is a cost to the artist of them.

JYP is another camp that "investment" with quite a lot of artists. Training for one person to take at least 3-4 years, which means that compared to the money invested. They still can not get back the capital within 2-3 years certainly The break-in artists are subject to each artist. Because someone invented not too long ago, it hit. A return to its spending significantly. While others, it may take longer to achieve up to.

He accepted that the proportion "Super Star" on JYP is less than 10%, but when talking about revenue. Artists who created the company's profit was up to 20-30%

Despite the great artist. But marketers need to balance strategic JYP which seems to be the dominant work of the "Eric Doo" those who join the international market to JYP been telling us that Focus on finding a good partner in each country. Associates and Financial Network. A channel to market in many countries that do not have access to.

"The advantage of this industry. Is that we can find a partner several cases in each country. The local partners and local companies, these His country, he will know the market better than us. Know the target better. So he helped make the market better than we do our own "

While the trend channel with Financial Network Associates. It has been used increasingly as the use of attack Facebook and YouTube to support the marketing strategies of JYP. In countries that have not been to market they found that The music is popular quickly. By promoting through online. Make them realize that To try to make music that is more universal. Convert it came out in English and Chinese at a later time.

While not all countries will go immediately. I choose to use the potential of success before a ticket for

"JYP wants to do the Asian market. But we can not penetrate into every country. Therefore, in the market occurs first. It affects the current popularity of the Asian happen to be We start from a potential first Like Thailand and so on "

Many countries have a condition of doing business. A Muslim country. But that does not mean that they are denied access. Or rush to market quickly "Eric Doo" tells us that When JYP decided to go to market in any country. They will start from the market study and culture of those countries. Must be prepared carefully. And modify the format or strategy to market that particular

Access to international markets. Faster than the other camps. Giving them the experience and know how to do marketing in various countries. The process produced a good job. Focused on using creativity They are seen as key strengths of JYP Including the ability to select people who have the ability to hide. And be developed and trained to become an artist, the quality is up.

Or this is a strength of the artist is an executive "look through" on the selection, but for "Eric Doo" he said, "That may be some latent weakness in time.

"The advantages of having an artist Administration entertainment. Is that he has experienced many aspects. But they need to do several. Lavishly He may also miss something This makes JYP. Decided to get professionals to act within a particular administration. To fill the missing strength. "

This is also the underlying success of Korean music entertainment business line of professional Asian Molding artists at the Global International has consistently

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New drama, Kim Jung-Hyung (Kim Hyun Joong), Khun (Nichkhun) and book Yong Hwa (Jung Yong Hwa)?

Kim Hyung Joong Khun 2PM and CN Blue Book Yong Hwa considered a favorite TV character at this time because there Mischievous Kiss We Got Married and the list is the top rating. Now it seems they're going to have a new drama.

They are in the list to be selected in the new drama at the cooperation between Korea and Japan. By the manufacturer of M-Media has recently held a press conference at Hamamatsu, Japan about this.

Cinderella expected that there will be 20 at all until now the play has not yet finished. Including a production team. Filming is expected to start in Japan next spring. And will be screened both in Korea and Japan around May

In addition, the co-stars in the title has selected the envelope Kyo Kim Ah Joong and Yoon Eun Hye.

Taken from: Kpoplive | Source: Shizuoka Daily News | Trans by SS501ode@blogspot | Eng-Thai: Cassina @2pmalways

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Tae Yang (Tae Yang) a very successful concert.

Tae Yang (Tae Yang) a very successful concert and two days of Solar and he expressed his satisfaction that he can show the way to prepare it. The concerts are divided by age visitors. The first concert held on September 25 Life is good for all ages. But the second concert on September 26 that only suitable persons aged 18 years or more.

On September 26 the opening concert of his original music with a Prayer, I'll Be There after, the fans and Sinner. Screaming, he said, "Hi, this is the track I still offline Wow! Adults in my dream concert. "

He stated that another. "Yesterday a lot of rules I can not display the contents of my music. Since today all the same as adults out. So I can display the lyrics are very appropriate to have more freedom, I am very glad. "

Reviews about the original concert for age 18 and over is quite as much satisfaction. And everyone agreed that nothing about sex too much The audience and Neu minds discuss are impressed with the details of the concert. And integrity of each series. Which is said to display properly and all set for a male idol lot.

Track to conclude the concert with that "This is the final stage. I met with every People in my first album But please to support me and my performance again in the future. I think that standing on the stage and the music is like fate. I will end this concert and the band return to the Big Bang to present another side view of us "

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Honeymoon couples Development Co c Yo million (Park Han Byul) and Seven (Se7en), restaurant together.

Actress Pat C Han Yo million home and boyfriend of Seven is going to open a restaurant together or so?

The twitter of the Han stay home like me, yo can twitter a message that "นี่เป็นร้านอาหารที่นึ่งไก่ได้ยอดเยี่ยมมาก! Jung Ah ~ I'm terribly spicy, but I can not stop eating. It is something that great. Tomorrow I will come again " Once she has uploaded her picture while eating chicken on Twitter too.

In the diagram you can see that Pat C Han Yo million home is dish of chicken with her chopsticks. It seems that she is willing to promote the restaurant would be a good shop you this new self.

From a shop in the photo on her Twitter know that the restaurant is actually located neighborhood Kang Nam station, but fans out to cover up that this is a new restaurant he Se7en.

Netizens can tell that the entrance form. "Do you like pilgrims in a land hundreds of rights," her ideas remain the same, "it seems you are trying to assist in promoting jobs for the fans of her" and "She deserves a wife model really "

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2PM hot statistically dominate rating a reservation DVD debut in Japan.

2PM hot Ranked # 1 bookings DVD debut in Japan from behind to start activities in Japan.

'Hottest' DVD debut in Japan of the 2PM is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 24 In recent years there has been the launch of the Music Video History Clip 2PM and that has not been released and magazines, it makes fans look forward view. Not only the fans in Japan. But also to fans across Asia

Since Open Book DVD in Japan 2PM can second-largest over a total order albums by store dealers larger Tower Record or HMV within 2 days to reveal the popularity of 2PM that Japan is. good

JYP Entertainment, said "the hospitality and attention to 2PM in Japan with the enthusiasm of the fans. Make our company and Sony Music Entertainment. Offline myself happy. We thank the fans a lot of love for the 2PM offline, "he said "JYP and Sony Music after the DVD release, we plan activities in a variety of 2PM in Japan. We will try our best to listen to news reports better offline. "

Furthermore 2PM is in the Preparing album Come back in October.

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