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2PM comeback stage M! Countdown

2AM released teaser photos of the new album 'Saint o'clock'

2AM released teaser photos of the new album.

BIGHIT Entertainment. Still teaser image revealed the full album 'Saint o'clock' on the main site on the morning of October 15

Membership in 4 people with an umbrella and standing on the stairs in the sun. Especially with the rain poured when combined with the darkness and the sun was in a mood to suit your dreams 2AM they wear it, touch in the growing as well

2AM prepare a full album released on 26 October


SMTOWN '10 World Tour Concert next Billboard charts

SM recently reported on the morning of October 15 that "SMTOWN '10 World Tour concert at the Los Angels list. That can be attached Billboard charts in the U.S. on October 9 at the show the top 10 "

This concert impressed by Sale. The concerts are as much artists as BoA, Kangta, Yunho, Changmin, Chang Min, the band Super Junior, the band and the band SHINee SNSD Which visits all 15,015 fans and the entire card sales totaling 1,101,582 U.S.

The concert is to win the Concert Artists like Shakira and Justin Bieber by a Korean concert this next chart, Billboard is considered excellent. The users and 70% Asian-Americans

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By YG Entertainment. Concert for the fans

By YG Entertainment. News fans are excited about all the people, the YG Family will gather for a special two days at the end of this year for fans. Dedicated to them. The team said "We are about 2010 YG FAMILY Concert held on 4 and 5 December at Seoul Olympic Stadium"

Family YG ONE CONCERT concert held every year since 2003, however, the fans. Are disappointed that this concert was organized in 2008 and 2009 This is the first time in three years on YGE will come together with 2NE1, Gummy, Se7en and Big Bang, where the band will be joined on stage PSY this as a new member of the family

2NE1 band are happy to be involved in this concert. It seems as though it is actually Big Bang and the band commented. "We are very excited to meet our fans after missing a long time away

This concert will have two users and 36,000 cards will be available on October 21 at 20:00 am through Gmarket

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JYJ young blue flight shortcuts Press JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 in Bangkok

JYJ, led by three young Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu sky flying visit to Thailand shortcuts launch press conference JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 in Bangkok at the Central World plaza at 17.00 pm on Thursday, October 14, 2010

This organizer Asia Limited as its cattle led to the three young JYJ cases show the first time in three years with JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 in Bangkok This is where all fans of Thai and foreign. Whether it is fans from Hong Kong, Japan, China welcome foreign united. Three young from early morning until the start until the overflow front yard at Central World When the guys. Open media forum became screaming sounds very much welcome and continuous boom

The third man said JYJ Hello greeting fans after a young Thai "girlfriend" (Mickey) has announced the feeling that the fans come to cheer as well as overwhelming. "I am very happy to be coming to Thailand again. After coming to Thailand not long ago " Then " Xu Jun " told the latest album JYJ out in english. "This album is the first album to be released as English. Get to work with producer with the best " When asked about feelings that come Showcase held in Thailand, "Jaejoong, said felt" very much glad that this album, Showcase, and this makes us come back to Thailand again. Since we did not come to Thailand long time " When asked about the special for the upcoming Showcase is the first time a Thai boy said, "The Showcase of this special is that we will bring new music to listen to all the people for the first time. Hope that tomorrow everyone will join us everyone " Then he suddenly turns speech into Thai by "jaejoong" saying "Thank you very much," "singers" say "I love you" and "girlfriend" speak the word "elephant" final. " Junsu "concluded to drop the sweet Thai fans that “Then he suddenly turns speech into Thai by "jaejoong" saying "Thank you very much," "singers" say "I love you" and "girlfriend" speak the word "elephant" final. " Junsu "concluded to drop the sweet Thai fans that

For JYJ New Album Showcase Tour 2010 in Bangkok will be held on Friday, October 15, 2010 at IMPACT Challenger 3, Muang Thong Thani, doors open at 18:00 am Show starts at 19.00 pm Tickets are available at any branch of Total Reservation Tickets: 4500. / 3500 / 2500 / 1000 / 800 disciples JYJ catch is strictly prohibited.

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Kim Jae Kyung RAINBOW legal action against hundreds of million won. Clinical surgery

Kim Jae Kyung leader of the girl groups and concerned RAINBOW DSP Media claims of Surgery, one of the leading form of Kim Jae Kyung used in advertising business without permission.

On October 14 by the Seoul Central District Court said Kim Jae Kyung and DSP Media to bring a lawsuit for damages to Mr. Kim. A surgical director based in Hong Hyun as Kang Dong Gangnam District of Seoul, and Mr. Na, a blog advertising executive of the hospital such

DSP Media said, "Kim Jae Kyung never received plastic surgery to the eyes or face structure before" extra ", but Mr Kim has brought a new class graduation picture. Late. Before and debut of Kim Jae Kyung uploaded to the blog of the hospital Then write down as if she had been through surgery. One thing that is behind the success of their idol group is appearance. So if you know that an idol to surgery may also be made popular in their decline And more difficult to build more and more popular. The Clinic had violated both the right in the picture and the name of Kim Jae Kyung. This is a disgrace to her reputation as much "

DSP Media is to take legal action against about 132 million won for bringing the image of Kim Jae Kyung used without permission. And damage from the information that is not true that the parties can be published to the blog

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J. Plant's pampered children add up channels of The First YG Audition in Thailand S. Korea Plaza to take Nat

J. Plant International Ltd pampered brother who has aspirations and abilities. The applicant has supplemented the First Y G auditions in Thailand (The First YG Audition in Thailand) at Korea Plaza (Korea Plaza) shopping center S Nat take Ratchada

J. Plant International Ltd working with YG Entertainment with drink Sprite North, Korea Plaza, KTT Travel, Tom and Tom, Sathorn, Heritage, Grand Pearl, Slots. Te koalas like Marsh and Channel V Thailand The first event in Asia. To provide opportunities for Thai children can be selected by the music giant from South Korea YG Entertainment. Artists manufacturers already include many SE7EN, BIGBANG, 2NE1, 1TYM with the First G. Y. auditions in Thailand

For those interested in participating Y. G. The First Audition in Thailand (The First YG Audition in Thailand) must be aged between 12-23 years, opened up two types of singers and dancers Can submit an application and upload video clips of themselves at http://www.YG-Audition.com. From now until October 29, 2010.
Or apply in person at Korea Plaza shopping center at the Esplanade Na at 11:00 to 15:00 pm from October 16 to 28 at 2010

By YG Entertainment. Will select the first round. Through the selection and announcement within days on November 6, 2553 to select the final again in Thailand on November 13, 2010 At the Heritage Hotel Sathorn can track more information at http://www.YG-Audition.com and http://www.facebook.com/YGauditionThailand10 or http://www.twitter.com/YGAudition10 or call 089 365 2834.

J. Plant's pampered children add up channels of The First YG Audition in Thailand S. Korea Plaza to take Nat.
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BoA reveals, "If there is new again I want to be a member of SNSD "

Singer BoA said that if she were reincarnated again She wants to be a member of girl group SNSD

Recent BoA has joined the list taped KBS 2TV 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketch Book' on Yo Ew Do in Seoul where she said that. "If there is new again I want to be a member of SNSD Yes "

BoA has trained to be a singer first under under SM Entertainment. While studying in grade 0.6. When the ceremony Yoo Hee asks Yo million "If the Time Machine, and then took it back again at the age of 13 years old to decide whether" BoA replied, "I do not want to be in. I will be BoA SNSD " Explain "she said. "Since I penetrate the international market. I have to do everything with my own. Makes me feel very tired all morning, added "the time remaining. I focus on Moore, but on the high morning, she said a laugh.

She stated that "Now that the SNSD and f (x) to be a trained singer is very good in. range. But at the time that I am a trained singer need to practice even when the rain and then the basement flooded, "Extra" HOT Hwan Hee and I have to go to the baler from the training room to practice with the Yes "

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Three young JYJ of Dong Bang Shin Ki Gravity singles 'Ayyy Girl' Range was the number one fast

Three members of the band Dong Bang Shin Ki on behalf JYJ (Jae joong,Yoo chun,Junsu ) single 'Ayyy Girl' was number one in Monkey3 Real-time Charts

Soon as the song Ayyy Girl 'was released at midnight on 14 October (local time), it is the rank one Monkey3 Real-time Charts immediately prior to the song' 본능 적으로 of Kang. Seung Yoon Sang back up is when one of the most the past 10 hours

Head of e-book loans are in the business of the music industry say. "Wave claims three more albums as he has so much JYJ. That one or more of this, it shows the influence of their music, "he said

'Ayyy Girl' is a song from the first ten songs for the album 'The Beginning' which was recorded in English. The music is along the rhythms Hip-hop style of singing a sweet mix of three young JYJ a unique tradition of Dong Bang Shin Ki

For the song that opens the album 'The Begining' prepared Promoting worldwide, including songs' Ayyy Girl 'by next With Music Jaejoong in the song' Still in Love ',' I Love You 'your girlfriend, and'. I Can Soar 'of the singers will have a total of seven songs. Another three songs are remixes songs

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Send questions netizens 'Still' on new album allude development 2PM Park Jay bum

Send song 'Still', a new song critical of the 2PM is said that the song refer to a former member of Park Jae Bum

Still 'is an intro on the new album with lyrics that 2PM "I know she'll be back. I believe so. She knew what to look but I only We believe we will be together forever. Why is it abandoned me like this. Her face that looked lost in the cold Her eyes that looked after me. Although she makes me sad. Or how much pain I love you " The song is a sad song at the heart of a man who still think of loved ones and I still await the return of that person. But a number of netizens to think. 'Like talking to Park Jay Bum

However, in the range of activities at 2PM in the song 'Without U' in the album then. I have news came out that the fans thought that the song that contains the allusion to Jaybum ago as well

The relevant players from JYP Entertainment. Has resolutely refused to come out this issue "Music is just music broken only offline. Do not remove the reference to Pat c Jaybum it. Is not relevant any offline tactics " Added "The main feeling of this album is a 'farewell', so every song in the album content is discussed separately. If you try to listen to the music from 'Still' The intro to finish with offline Send it to know that this is the music just seems to be broken at the same criticism could return "

Furthermore 2PM launches new album 'Still 2:00 PM' on October 11 last. The album contains seven songs with all the songs That demonstrates the development a step closer the 2PM is title song called 'I'll Be Back', a genre that includes both House Rhythm, Hip Hop and melody, a R & B with a style as unique 2PM

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Yoon Eun Hye Nrn Hunter U Star first woman who is about to debut as a singer at the land of sushi.

Actress Yoon Eun Hye has announced that she has plans to debut the official music of Japan She becomes the first female performer of Korean music that will affect the land of sushi. The Han people Nrn U Star earlier as Lee Byung Hun Ryu Si Won and Ahn Jae Wook) both of which have had their debut performance as a singer and concerts in Japan and with total On the other hand. Other female stars such as Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo and Son Ye Jin Which was held just work fanmeeting and sign autographs only this reason, Yoon Eun Hye has been watching a lot. As the first female performer to become a singer in Japan.

Reported out that Yoon Eun Hye that Are preparing to be released in Japan She has worked with famous producers in Japan. And schedule the release of her music to begin in early next year.

The House Company representatives of actress said: "We promise we would not be completed. We therefore give much detail can not But we are talking about music is already abroad. We agreed to work with Japanese producer who is the artist behind the many "

As Eun Hye became known and popular series about the Goong, Coffee Prince, and My Fair Lady, where she received love and attention from those who watch a lot since the year 2008 onwards She held a fan meeting 2-3 times per year, with fans joining more than 2000-3000 people in the fan meeting event in Japan on September 18 last at Tokyo Nakano Zero Hall She has received much praise from the audience and singing a song of the drama Goong Perhaps Love audiences are complacently to appreciate your skills with the guitar playing the melody of her

The House Company, stated, "After the success of the fan meeting event. People in Japan are a lot of encouragement and support her in doing music in the Japanese music market And because the popular girl group from the band's past as she grilled Baby VOX Hunter U Nrn of the Asian Group

While the schedule of her film is set, then surely this November. She will be shown in the movie The Graduation League which to plant in March next year. This is to show movies in the past five years of her ever

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Jong Hyun and key of SHINee is injured after the show in Indonesia.

Jong Hyun and key of SHINee received minor injuries after the show in Indonesia that SHINee has traveled to Jakarta In order to show up. 'Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert' which took place on October 12 last

On Oct. 14 SM Entertainment's SHINee has jurisdiction over the phone to share news Newsen that "After the show on the stage finish. Jonghyun and Key of SHINee has received minor injuries, while down from the stage. This may be because the popularity of the SHINee fans that many Indonesians came forward to meet them. Something like this makes up "

Jong Hyun Injury to the ligament on the left foot. Key areas of pain on the left chest muscle " supplement "From the medical diagnosis of the two members who must leave to preserve the tattoo for 2-3 days until it healed," he also revealed that Jonghyun and key injuries left the remaining three members Onew (Onew). , Min-ho (Min Ho), and Tae Min (Tae Min) had normal physical condition. Did not receive any injuries

Because the band members were injured slightly SHINee. They will continue ongoing activities. The said jurisdiction "Although the song 'Hello' is not a song title. But it has also been accepted as SHINee is so hot is scheduled to be doing the full "Extra" after the physical check of the members of the band. They will do activities to the schedule "

Furthermore SHINee during activity in the song 'Hello', a song on the album Three packages. And still showed up in various variety shows. In the case of the previous address. I was acting as a musical performer at the same time

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Tiffany SNSD Rarney tongue sing 'Gee' wrong language before the sweet smile on stage excuse KIKO Citizens Awareness.

Suspect is not lost for a mellow Nyeo Shi Dae - Tiffany. After the singing, 'Gee' piece of yourself in Japanese. Instead of Korean If you solve the shy, sweet smile, but she makes her escape as well

On October 13 at 19:00 o'clock at the Seoul e-dough Yo Festival was a 'KIKO Citizens Awareness', which has invited artists bring a guest. Shaking the stage in unison with each other as ever

However, while the queue of nine young girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae, including the final song 'Gee' is Tiffany I am a new person with strong color effect today. To make a mistake. The girls sing sweet piece of music she is Japanese. Instead of the Korean Which led to her arrest and while yet to reveal any person concerned 'eye smile' unique smile finally able to solve the embarrassing scene, the stage is impressively sure enough

So when I saw those netizens are together say that the visit did not stop the mouth. Equation, then the Axis policy of Tiffany, I just want to send 'eye smile' to me ready to forgive her anything to get. Into the hot reaction in a short time

Meanwhile, other artists at the event today were SHINee, G. Young and carried hip-hop group with Leessang sure enough.

Source: TV Report.
Thai Translation: Translator Gang ll SOSHIFANCLUB ll http://www.soshifanclub.com.

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2PM's won a number of different charts

2PM's recently launched their new album. And received response from the fans a lot

On October 12 News from the agency they JYP Entertainment. Has released their mini album on October 11 that it has won the last charted # 1 for online activities such as Cyworld and Monkey3

Still 2PM teaser that was released two days ago come out on Youtube, it's the top one million, quickly demonstrated the popularity of the show band 2PM 2PM's style aromatic skills sequentially And also they show a lot more mature. The new look of them, it makes the fans. Very interesting

Music I'll Be Back on the R & B music mixed with hip-hop, which is composed by Park Jin-a (Park Jin Young) and the content of the songs related to love

The band will be performing on stage 2PM in the list M! Countdown Mnet's love

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JYJ launches new music 'Ayyy Girl' and other songs that are still closed-door

JYJ Three young successful cases to show the first time in the hometown

Three young behalf JYJ (Jaejoong Yoochun Junsu) opened the show cases around the world to promote the new album THE BEGINNING The first starts at home in Korea yesterday

According to the newsen and sharingyoochun. They divided the show into two rounds. At six o'clock and nine. Both were from the show visitors around six thousand and five thousand, respectively. For tickets that Were sold out within fifteen minutes

Some revenue from ticket sales will be donated to charities to help poor children around the world

Also reported that "the event. Sushi dance artists like Ayumi Hamasaki from AVEX came to join in with The previous Jaejoong had ever appeared in a music video to her last month with

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Hwan Hee Return Preparation performed in the past two years.

Hwan Hee singer and actor Return Preparation work listed in the daily drama MBC 'Love Is Stronger Than Death'

Hwan Hee will be the role of director Im Hara most intelligent man. All work on the Impact Hara, a director has been widely popular. This also makes him a playboy who has been very popular as well by meeting with these girls many times With which he grew up in disadvantaged families. Give him a wound which is very He used a bad past as a tool to entice women But yet he did not even dream about marriage and pure speculation. Until he met a girl named E Tae Hee who was stepping into my life. And make his ideas changed.

Deep bass voice and acting skills Hwan Hee was very popular in the drama of his earlier and MBC 'Over The Rainbow' (2006) and SBS 'I Love You' (2008)

KEYEAST jurisdiction of Hwan Hee said. "Hwan Hee is a very passionate performance. He intends to show the image to see the other side of him through the role of Impact Hara Please help keep track of his work to show the different aspects of his charm on the stage while "

'Love Is Stronger Than Death' is in the selection of the actor. And prepare to be aired in mid-November.

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SISTAR the explosion of Thai fans packed the airport welcoming parade

Girl 4 Girl Group SISTAR get a hot response from can not even debuted officially in Thailand

On October 11 SISTAR a visit to Thailand with the first show as a PR ambassador program 'Teen Superstar TV Show' or 'Superstar K' version of Thai SISTAR received attention from fans and the media in Thailand are significantly since the album is not available in Thailand In the debut show of their hearts. Mass Media Bureau has more than 130 MCOT (Modernine) as well as media from the slot Han K Channel U Nrn attend.

Moreover, the Thai fans held posters and photos of the band members and they stood waiting to welcome you at the airport together with excessive And the updated schedule of SISTAR throughout the day As well as broadcast live on the position d website YouTube, and Twitter-minute parties ever. This is what shows the interest of the fans as hot There is also news that They're protected by a police car at the entrance of the airport until the exit Because a lot of fans gathered sure enough, and exceed expectations.

Jurisdiction of the Star Ship Entertainment SISTAR said that "thanks to a very honest, the fans give your love and attention to the many SISTAR this Despite that they were just visiting Thailand for the first time to the Teen Superstar that promote the list soon they will release her album in Thailand and to promote activities with offline "

Furthermore, because the popular song 'Shady Girl' cause SISTAR be contacted by countries in Asia to many Japanese and Thai, which helps encourage them to resume her activities abroad.

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2PM Music launched a music video I'll Be Back from the latest mini-album songs Still 2:00 pm

Young actor Jang Geun Suk to change Luke is a young hippie

Young actor Jang Geun Suk to change Luke is a young hippie in a new series about Mary Stayed Out All Night

Today we will take to see Mad cool of hero, a young Jang Geun Suk in a series of promotional preparation will be shown on KBS 2TV on 8 November at about Mary Stayed Out All Night If you are ready to see each other all

The title of the slide and poster production team has released to watch it together. Can see that he looks young Geun Suk Chang indie road to Hong Dae Kornaarn generous here

Jang Geun Suk it. The set design chess shirt shirt covered with a long web Potter. SUSPENSION This skin is black pants that look more compatible. The jewelry is a necklace. Cable bracelet chic. Then see what a perfect technician

For hair that This time he Geun Suk in smoky curl some more casual. Access by the nurseries that do not look too much. The line style, Bo Hi Mien

Today (October 12) Lee Min Hyung-style head list of young Jang Geun Suk said. He intends to design, Jang Geun Suk's dressed to come out as he looked the most comfortable dress. Feel free. And do not feel bonded

He even said. For this series. He intended to design a line to see the grunge clothes look old, but comfortable feel independent

The affiliation of the young Jang Geun Suk. "For the role of Jang Geun Suk has been in this regard that He must be young, but being obsessed with the subject of music all the time Also join in for this. He was prepared to co-show With character roles. The Weight Control and talk about the music, etc. so that everything came out perfect " he said

Mary Stayed Out All Night is a series adapted from the work of a cartoonist Won Soo Yeon. This is a very famous cartoonist on Full House, and this series is also a writer Ein Eun A in the works was deposited in the series about joining with Goong. This series is a romantic young girl Daddy's computer to four people with dreams and love and marriage plays.

Before turning the projector series, this is China and Taiwan has bought rights to projector with a very high price. And has been receiving tremendous response from many countries in Asia

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Park Jung Min of SS501 preparing a mini first solo album on Nov. 25 this

Under the jurisdiction of the CNR Media Young Jong announced today (12 October) that he would open the Korean official website by the end of this month In order to prepare for a mini-performance of his first solo album. Jong c and Development will organize fanmeeting mainly from the mini first solo album on Nov. 27 here.

The affiliation of the young Jong said. "Pat C Jong-reliance will have concluded an agreement with the jurisdiction to come ahead in domestic market and Asian market They think it's time to come back to his fans with images that look older and more mature He misses his fans more than anyone else and he hopes that all will be given a mini first solo album and the upcoming fan meeting being held this As a gift for the fans "

For the first solo mini-album was well-known songwriter like Shinsadong Tiger to work with

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2PM released music from a mini-album "Still 2:00 PM".

Boy Band 2PM release mini-album "Still 2:00 PM" mini-album to their last out, and then we listen to each other on October 11 2010

Album "Still 2:00 PM" demonstrates the growing boys 2PM both dance and vocal power of emotion

Credit : Allkpop

Yoon Eun Hye will be back after missing the film up to 5 years.

Next year, fans will have seen the work of actress Yoon Eun Hye together very satisfied because not only the drama "Love Song" Only she will have her new film, fans can watch as well

She will begin filming to release the fans can see each other from January next year. The film is also the film's first R rating with you. The jurisdiction of her Have recently said "Although we will provide details at this time to depth can not We chose this film. Because the sector into Character with Yoon Eun Hye was very good she will begin filming soon in order to immediately release in January next year "

The affiliation also revealed that "Because the drama 'Love Song' is postponed to next year Of unanticipated events. (Suicide of Park Young Ha) The fans will see the work of Yoon Eun Hye simultaneously on television and in cinemas next year of your first forum "

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Exclusive interviews "2PM" idol Korea Asia No.1.

Written by Cassina
Sunday, 10 October 2010 06:51
President Reuters Limited Complete Version
President 01.11.2010

President (magazine) will be released on 1st Nov. A part of the articles was released.

Author = Yuka Takaya, Sakie Sekiya, Yuto Fujishiro image = JYP. Entertainment
Exclusive interviews 2PM Top Idol Korea's will debut in Japan and an official.

Now, in Japan, Korea, said that the current force with a central K-POP. Feel how

Junho :'re very appreciative of the Japanese people love and attention of the Korean culture greatly Smile and think that if the current popularity in Japan, Korea and Not just current popular Korean only. But became a cultural Japanese easy access to like and enjoy it more, it will be very much better. In order to make is that we will try

Wooyoung : Once 『 Winter Love Song 』 actress and singer many older persons. Get it to work in Japan. After seeing that it was love. I know that not only made in Korea only But many Japanese people love Korean culture with our 2pm so I intend to try to develop more and more And think it would be great if someday we have a chance to 2pm, it shows, music and stage performances in Japan of us

Chansung : that people in other countries. Korean culture is like what am grateful and honored. Especially I feel that we must always try to show the image to see a better and Korean culture better. That are worthy of attention very much.

You Khun is Thai or not? Think about the current popularity in Japan, Korea?

Khun : Korea has a lot of people who like Japanese culture and diversity in Japan I was very interested in Korean culture as well And who were interested in the culture with each other. Think that is the way to Korea and Japan have cultural exchange with each other . This latter term has many Korean singers to work in Japan Which I think is a good method that will allow each partner to learn with each other. Better . Because I think that music is a universal language (universal. language) that can communicate with each other without explanation The culture of the Japanese like it or known it?

Chun Ho : I like very much Japanese manga. Each works with a variety of features. Attractive to enthrall. And like to play with a lot 『Matters Gokusen. (Godfather to her daughter for a teacher) 』Very much enjoy listening to music and artists Yึn Japan, some Oh! Listening music on 『 GTO 』 at L'arc ~ en ~ ciel Singing on a regular basis

Junsu : Isao Sasaki like your music to ever performed in Korea

Wooyoung : Culture of Japan. I heard about the musical culture of Japan from a senior dance. Sir, ever danced together before I debuted Then I also learned many things from watching these animated dancers. Dancing on the streets of Japan with This idea is not bad to see that all that often. "If I was dancing with would be great " I want to experience the dance and music in Japan directly as Street Culture And I like you Yuki Kuramoto a musician so much Listened to the melodious tunes of the piano a lot, I felt very relaxed

Khun : I listen to your music on a regular basis Hikaru Utada Songs like "First. Love "the most And I like the drama 『 GTO 』 very much. I put every episode of every series, put it on my MP3 player and watch it every day (laugh).

Will have the odd Unique with But most of them know each other quite a drama and music. So, to go to Japan. A place where I want to go or not

Wooyoung : I have never been to it. If the Japanese want to go to Shibuya, very much. Want to eat something delicious. Then shopping offline. I think they are excited and

Junsu : I go to Japan a few times. But you have to want to very much. First of all, I was in Harajuku, Tokyo. It's delicious to eat. And would like shopping. Then I want to go to Tokyo Tower. That were mentioned frequently in the novel

Wooyoung : I want to go to Tokyo

Chan Song : Before I try to Zen (Hot springs) in Japan time watching TV or travel guide books. It was recommended a lot The image of monkeys are fun (laugh).

Taecyeon : want to Kyoto offline. I see fireworks. And I try to walk in the smell of steam and traditions of Japanese history,

Khun : Commercial Your personally. Want to visit Tokyo Also, I try to the suburbs away from the city center with I feel the difference from other cultures. The customs and traditions of Japan's unique

Japan is not necessarily the time. But who is the singer that you respect the most.

Junho : Usher, and I respect you very much and respect JY Park you Takuya Kimura Namie Amuro, and you have work and plenty of work demonstrated the ability to truly unique. Dominant than in Japan very much.

Junsu : I respect Kanye West and R. Kelly, because they are singing a song that works as its own unique style and is a producer with I want an artist that future

Wooyoung : Michael Jackson

Chan Song : I respect Michael Jackson

Taecyeon : I respect senior Rain is always trying. And demonstrates the excellent work

Khun : I respect you as producer JY Park, a teacher, like my brother offline. I see that your work has been JY and share it. Is a great opportunity for me A person who has inspired and motivated me to live and work music is always full

Everyone thought very deeply. If such a person as an individual in respect of others. Than as a singer or not?

Junho : Mom and Dad

Junsu : Mom

Wooyoung : respect for Michael Jackson king of pop songs

Chan Song : Dad

Taecyeon : Dad

Khun : MOm and Dad As to what the best of my life. Such as physical strength, children, brother beloved, love, etc. and gives me strength to accept everything that is not faced with anything in life I respect and love very very much.

Most parents will say. One reason celebrities think Korea is the love of the Japanese is to focus on the family lot. For all of you then. How do families feel

Junho : For me, I want to say that the family is the "tree" is a pillar of strength that do not shake me always. And when I was in trouble or difficulty. Let cool shades that can make you feel relaxed. A "tree" like that.

Chun Sue : For me. The family is all the meaning of my life. That filled with trust and love and I can always rely on

Wooyoung :For me, family is the driving force in our lives. That I ran by on the move. Al ong with me in this world and the past, present, and future

Chan Song : For me, family is the foundation on which to sustain a forward does not flicker. Always believed in me

Taecyeon : For me, the person I love that nothing can replace a single family in this world is

Khun : Family is what I love. And a group of people that I have always felt relaxed. What surrounds it called the "Family" I do not think that anyone would want this family, such as I work hard to my own family. And family that I would one day. If no family My life would mean nothing at all

Finally, I make mention of all goals

Chun Ho : I want to be a "good" (laugh) like an artist who is recognized in the fields of music I love and can make people a lot of good music And want to be a "good person, (Need Confirmation), the number of people to recognize a person in the sense that I'm trying very much to you, then stay

Junsu : I tried hard to keep going. Want to be a great artist who is recognized and endearing to the future. Not just now, only

Wooyoung : I want to give people happiness and enjoyment, not only with music and on stage for a lot of people only. But to the whole world. With a lot of things as far as can be done. As an artist and as one of Jang Wooyoung.

Chansung : want to be. Who have been accepted in all areas of my work is like music and acting and is very much respected people. For that, I intend to try very much so on.

Taecyeon : of my dreams is to have a family, a father, husband and the cool (laughs).

Help you: working hard, to find my new, always trying to make more. Want to be a person who has been accepted by the people very much. And wanted a son, a brother, a good brother, and in the future want to be a good husband and father as well (laugh).

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'Fugitive' to be released across seven countries in Asia.

Directed drama "Fugitive" was revealed recently that the latest drama will be broadcast in seven countries across Asia Of these countries, the Philippines, Taiwan, China (including Hong Kong), Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand are interested Ye drama from start to Manufacture. Until now has signed an agreement to sell its rights to more than 8 "

There are also many other countries who are interested would like to purchase this drama. And when the contract already made. It is expected to be more profitable Korean drama previous to 150-200%.

Rain can be a role in this drama was great. And the director also thanked the other actors both in Korea itself. As well as performers from China And Japan who participated in this drama as well.

This drama has received attention from the fans because that Rain had already works at Hollywood. It also has a team director and writers of drama rating of higher Chuno work together well

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2PM successful. Total audience to see the new teaser on YouTube was the number one through seven hundred times already!

Six young idol spoof 2PM (Khun Chun Soo Hyun Joon Wooyoung tag Chan Ho Song) back greatly. With the M / V Teaser released the latest on the website YouTube. Which people flock to see a lot. And the balance up to the largest audience in the now

Teaser that was released on 8 October last that the integrity of the entertainment on YouTube with 471,082 total viewers time.

While today (9 October) at eight o'clock forty-five minutes. (Local time) a record total audience is 715,645 times that in the new teaser. Two six-man, PMD has been shown to display the training difficulty called Acrobatics Netizens have one, said, "Sir, the news that the new 2PM's number one in the audience up off the YouTube. Has spread around Twitter, and appears to be a small riot in the online world at this time "

As on October 7, passing through the JYP Entertainment. 2PM's jurisdiction of the teaser has been released through the Channel on YouTube Although the image looks different from the teaser to this latest release. But the idol animals positive in the six-man charm is still the same diffusion distribution.

45 seconds was left to watch it together. A mono-tone music, combined with acrobatics show. This seems to be a great show skills like music 10 out of 10, and Heartbeat Which was to impress and attract viewers for a lot of bands will 2PM Come back in mid-October.

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